“Always the beautiful answer / who asks a more beautiful question.”

—e.e. cummings
  • What is a Beautiful Question?

    What is a Beautiful Question?

    A question could be considered “beautiful” for all kinds of reasons. Here’s mine….

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  • A More Beautiful Question

    A More Beautiful Question

    All about the book, plus the Table of Contents.

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  • What’s your “Inquiry Quotient”?

    What’s your “Inquiry Quotient”?

    Think you’re already a good questioner? See where you rank.

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  • Why Should You Care About Questioning?

    Why Should You Care About Questioning?

    The importance of questioning in school, business, and daily life.

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  • Freebies, Anyone?

    Freebies, Anyone?

    Promotions, contests, merchandise, and free things….

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  • What Can We Learn from “Master Questioners?”

    What Can We Learn from “Master Questioners?”

    A lot. Insights, examples, inspiration…

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  • Quotes About Questioning

    Quotes About Questioning

    Many famous people have opined on the rich topic of questioning.

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  • What’s Your Beautiful Question?

    What’s Your Beautiful Question?

    A list of reader-submitted Beautiful Questions, and send us yours.

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