10 Mind-Altering Business Books from 2014

I was very pleased to be mentioned on this list, along with a dozen or so other worthy 2014 authors. Find out what makes these books “mind-altering” at this Huffington Post article by Scott Goodson.

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Journalist and speaker Warren Berger realized that the majority of successful creatives and entrepreneurs he was interviewing over the years were great questioners. His wondering about “How can we all learn to do what they do?” led to this website and the writing of THE BOOK OF BEAUTIFUL QUESTIONS (2018) and A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION (2014). Follow him on Twitter at @GlimmerGuy and subscribe to his blog posts.

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  1. Sarah Haynes says:

    Great List. Thank you very much. I would add EDGY Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt (http://edgyconversations.com/).
    The real-life success stories shared in the book are hugely inspirational and often quite moving. The author takes a bit of a tough-love approach at times but it feels honest and real. Definitely my top pick this year in self-help and business related books.


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