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“One closes Berger’s book newly conscious of the significance of smart questions” || The New York Times
“Is there a relationship between innovation and the ability to ask ambitious questions? The journalist and innovation expert Berger argues there is, and in this breezy management book he seeks to improve our capacity to question…. One closes Berger’s book newly conscious of the significance of smart questions.”
“If you could map the DNA of successful entrepreneurs, it might reveal a double helix of question marks.” || Bloomberg BusinessWeek review
“One of the most powerful business tools is not a spreadsheet. It’s neither Big Data nor innovation. It’s the simple question, right there on the tip of your tongue. A More Beautiful Question demonstrates just how far an inquisitive mind can take you.”
“An absorbing treatise that calls for more curiosity.” || Publishers Weekly
“This potential game-changer will help readers identify where opportunities lie and how to seize them.”
“A crisply written overview of how our impatient culture and top-down learning paradigms suppress our natural ability to ask imaginative questions.” || Audiofile Magazine
“With its nuanced critique of how public and private institutions discourage curiosity, this audiobook should be required listening for anyone responsible for igniting change and promoting personal engagement.” Winner 2015 Audie Award for Best Business Audiobook.
“Beyond the potential banality of yet another business book and into the things that matter.” || Robert Blinn, Core 77
“By weaving his narrative from the beginning of life… to the modern world of business, (Berger) serendipitously delves into the most important question of all: How to live.”
  “A delightfully different way of observing something that seems simple and routine” || The Free Press Journal, Mumbai, India
“With an attractive style of writing, the author balances precision with conciseness and informality, in a manner that threads the ideas throughout the text…. He provides specific examples to show how the habit of questioning leads to exciting outcomes.”
Hard Questions Spark Breakthrough Business Thinking || Martin Zwilling, Forbes
“I recommend Berger’s book as a practical system of inquiry that can guide you through the process of innovative questioning, helping you find imaginative, powerful answers and building the culture of continuous innovation.”
“The significance of the questioning mind || Kirkus Reviews
“Berger makes great use of both historical and contemporary examples of educators, innovators and business moguls who, by taking time to ask pointed questions of themselves and their respective industries, have both broadened their understandings of challenging situations and expanded the range of positive possibilities.”
“Change usually starts with a question. Inquiry has toppled monarchs and empires throughout history.” || The Economic Times 
“This book reminds us that questions drive so many successful innovations and startup companies. The cell phone, the Internet, digital music players— all these technological and business model breakthroughs, from Polaroid to Apple, Netflix and Airbnb, began when someone asked simple questions.”
Innovation Begins with 3 Questions || Strategy + Business
“The book is an engaging read and well supported by the research and experiences of a veritable who’s who of academic and corporate experts. But as essential as asking the right questions is to the innovation process, it is certainly not all there is to successful innovation. Questions need to lead to answers, and answers to action.”
Asking a More Beautiful Question || Leading Blog from
“Berger shows how the most powerful force for igniting change is the question. Example after example demonstrate how often off-beat “why” questions were at the foundation of many innovations.”
A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas || Phil Simon on Huffington Post
AMBQ emphasizes the importance of not just mechanically taking the next step in business and in life. To this end, the book reminded me of Wait: The Art and Science of Delay by Frank Partnoy, another excellent text.”
“This thought-provoking book offers important insights” || Booklist
Berger emphasizes the power of inquiry as he challenges us to see things with a fresh eye. He concentrates on game-changing questions, those that can result in actions that lead to real results.
13 Must Read Business Books in 2014 || Adam M. Grant on The Atlantic’s, and LinkedIn
“Berger poses many fascinating questions, including this one: What if companies had mission questions rather than mission statements? This is a book everyone ought to read—without question.”
Recommended Summer Reading For Creative Leaders From The First Half Of 2014 || David Slocum on
“Journalist Berger (who wrote the excellent Glimmeron design thinking) describes the importance of generating a culture of inquiry and learning. The result is potentially paradigm-shifting: rather than assuming great leaders, creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs possess the distinctive ability to provide clear answers, the book proposes that asking the right questions might be a more fundamental skill.”
And find out what Daniel Pink, Guy Kawasaki, Eric Ries, and others are saying about A More Beautiful Question.

Broadcast Media

VIDEOBig Think: Questions Are the New Answers

VIDEOS: American Management Association “3 QUESTIONS” video series (1.5 minutes each)
1. Warren Berger on Why Some Leaders Fear Questions 

2. Warren Berger on Becoming Dependent on Google
3. Warren Berger on Asking the Right Question

RADIO: Charlie Herman of WNYC’s “Money Talks” interviews Warren

RADIO: Larry Mantle of Southern California Public Radio’s AirTalk ( interviews Warren Berger

RADIO: Joe Donahue of WAMC Northeast Public Radio discusses the importance of questioning with Warren Berger (10 min. audio)

RADIO: Interesting conversation on how questioning works on Tom Park’s Pathways show, Portland, OR, KBOO radio

PODCAST: Interview by “People and Management by Sally Foley Lewis”

PODCAST: Article & “Great Work” podcast interview by Box of Crayons’ Michael Bungay Stanier

PODCAST: Podcast Interview by innovation author/professor David Burkus

PODCAST: Unmistakable Creative Podcast interview by Srini Rao

PODCAST: Creative Warriors Podcast interview by Jeffrey Shaw

PODCAST: LeadStar Leadership Conversation Series

PODCAST: The Entrepreneur’s Library 

PODCAST“The Innovation Engine” podcast: Innovation & The Power of Inquiry, with Warren Berger

PODCAST: Great conversation with Kelly Carlin on her “Waking from the American Dream” podcast

PODCAST: Drucker on the Dial host Phalana Tiller talks with Warren Berger and Luz Santana, co-founder of the Right Question Institute, about the art of asking questions and the power of inquiry.

PODCAST: American Management Association podcast: Warren Berger on Asking More Questions

Articles & Interviews

ConveneMagazineUsing the Power of Questions to Think Deeper, Act Faster, and Create Better || Convene Magazine (Sept. 2014 cover story)
“We can only innovate if we learn how to form and tackle what Berger calls “big, beautiful questions.” Just what is a beautiful question? And how can it transform business — and the meetings industry in particular? Here’s what Berger told Convene.”
Southwest Spirit CoverChasing Beautiful Questions || Spirit Magazine (April 2014 cover story)
“What if you found that creative genius does not lie in knowing all the answers? Van Phillips asked three questions that changed the world. You can ask them too.”
The Power of ‘Why?’ and ‘What If?’ || The New York Times
“Leaders could set a better example by asking “why” and “what if” — while asking others to do likewise. And as the questions proliferate, some good answers are likely to follow.”
Find  Your Passion with These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions || Fast Company
“Warren Berger collected the provocative questions top designers, tech innovators, and entrepreneurs ask themselves to spark creativity.”
Become a Company that Questions Everything ||
“How can a company create an environment where people are more inclined to question? And is it possible to encourage the “right kind” of questions — the ones most likely to lead to productive results? Based on studying a number of companies that have done seem to be doing a good job at creating a culture of inquiry, here are four key observations…”
How the Right Question Can Lead to a Breakthrough || IDEO U
“We connected with Warren in this Q&A to discuss how questions lead to innovation, his take on the value of creativity, and how he’s spreading the spirit of questioning.”
Interview with Warren Berger || ForbesChina
5 Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Questioners || Edutopia
“How to encourage questioning: Make it safe, make it cool, make it fun, make it rewarding, make it stick. Here’s how…”
Powerful Questions to Inspire Positive Change ||
“To discover good answers, we have to ask good questions. We can ask the above questions regularly to help us create a fulfilling life, whatever ‘fulfilling’ means to you.”
Igniting Change with Beautiful Questions ||
“Creating a workplace that values and encourages great questions, says Berger, ‘requires a special kind of leader, one who is both humble and confident – which is a rare mix.’”
Q&A by Larry Ferlazzo || Education Week
“Here’s what I would say to any student: Knowing the answers will help you in school, but knowing how to question will help you in life. That ability to question—and do it well—enables you to tackle challenges and solve problems, which will help you succeed in your career and as a person.”
Why Ask Questions? ||
Questioning is an essential skill that many of us forget to practice. Listen to the on-demand version of Berger’s keynote at GovLoop’s State and Local Innovators Virtual Summit, Why Ask Questions?, by clicking here.
5 Questions That Can Change Your Life ||
“The right question makes all the difference. What’s your tennis ball?”
5 Common Questions a Leader Should Never Ask || HBR Blog Network
Questions can be great for engaging and motivating people , but they can just as easily be used to confront or blame, and can shift the mood from positive to negative.”
Ask This Small Question to Make Big Changes || Fast Company
“One question could help you make simple, but meaningful, improvements in your work and life.”
Better Questions in the Classroom || Q&A with USC Rossier School of Education
“As we grow older and are expected to know things, we start questioning our questions before we even have a chance to ask them. How can teachers encourage better questions from students in the classroom?”
Want to Win in Business? Ask a Better Question || Wired UK magazine, June 2014 issue
Business-article excerpt taken from A More Beautiful Question. Check out the funny/weird illustrations by Zohar Lazar.
Tackle Any Problem with These Three Questions || Fast Company
{The third in a 3-part Fast Company series; see other links below}
Whatever challenge you’ve staked out—an entrepreneurial venture, a potential innovation, perhaps a social problem crying out for a fresh approach—asking the right questions, at the right time, can help you begin to tackle that problem and can even guide you toward a solution.”
Question Everything: How asking questions opens doors to opportunities and inspiration || Success Magazine
“I learned that asking challenging questions—of others, and particularly, of oneself—can actually fuel greater success in business and in life. “How?” you ask? Great question, and here is a five-part answer.”
Want a Big Idea? Ask Better Questions ||
Inc Magazine interview by Leigh Buchanan
“When it comes to innovation and leadership, questions can be more powerful than statements. 4 Questions for Warren Berger” (Read/download the 1-page PDF.)
Phrase your mission statement like a question to motivate people: Warren Berger || The Economic Times
“‘Asking questions is seen as ineffective and slowing things down. The perception is that questions get in the way of doing something. But if done right, it can be a productive and not a negative force,’ says Berger. There is an art and science to asking great questions, which can spark innovation.”
How to Capture Attention and Establish Trajectory || Dan Rockwell at
“I don’t need another book about questions. I’m the most curious question-asker I know. Leaders hire me to ask questions. I’m an expert. But, Warren’s email wouldn’t go away… Warren and I finally connected. I hate to admit it, but, he’s as passionate about questions as I am. Worse yet, he’s thought about questions in ways that hadn’t occurred to me.”
How to Improve Your Sales by Asking Better Questions || John Cousineau at
“In his book A Beautiful Question, Warren Berger makes the case that questions create the ‘lightbulb effect’ needed to innovate in anything.”
Forget the Mission Statement. Ask the Mission Question || The Management Blog by BloombergBusinessweek
Thinking of a company mission as a shared endeavor—an ongoing attempt to answer a bold question through collaborative inquiry—seems vastly preferable to having to live up to a dictum handed down from on high.”
Thinker in Residence: Warren Berger ||
“From start to finish, A More Beautiful Question is challenging and provocative because it attempts (and succeeds) at doing the very thing it advocates for: it asks questions. Lots and lots of questions. ”
The Power of Asking the Right Questions || Amex OPENForum Q&A with Matthew E. May
“Through a number of well-researched stories, Berger demonstrates that the most creative, successful people in the world tend to be expert questioners. They’ve mastered the art of inquiry, raising questions no one else is asking—and finding the answers everyone else is seeking.”
How to Promote Questioning Skills in Your Workplace || Interview by McGuire
“If the skills gap extends to the ability to pose good questions, then how can businesses close that gap? What can organizational leaders do to promote questioning skills in their workplace and how can they recruit based on this skill? Interview with Warren Berger.”
How to change your life with the right questions || Profile by The Journal News
“It’s not easy asking questions of a man who has mastered the art of inquiry. But Warren Berger, author of “A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas,” is more than happy to field questions on a topic that has grown close to his heart: how the right sorts of questions have the power to change lives.”
100 Great Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask || Inc. magazine (April 2014)
“Paul Graham, Jim Collins, Tony Hsieh, and other business leaders share the questions you should be asking if you want to improve your company.”
If All You Demand of Your Employees is Answers, You Can Say Goodbye to Innovation || Microsoft for Work
“Berger’s research examines the state of today’s workplace and provides actionable advice on how to create a culture of inquiry that could transform and elevate your business.
Scared of Failing? Ask Yourself These 6 Fear-Killing Questions || Fast Company blog
“Warren Berger, author of A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION, collected the provocative questions that top designers, tech innovators, and entrepreneurs ask themselves to spark creativity.”
The Worst Mistake America’s CEOs Make || The Fiscal Times
“Too many business leaders stink at asking important questions – and as a result, their companies don’t seize market opportunities, push out new products, handle P.R. nightmares effectively or any number of other essential business actions. This absence of critical questioning risks compromising their bottom line, their brand or both.”
Big Idea: Why It’s Imperative to Teach Students How to Question as the Ultimate Survival Skill || MindShift KQED/NPR
“Are our schools doing a good job of preparing students for a world where questioning is a survival skill?”
Can You See the Opportunity Right in Front of You? || Harvard Business Review
“To truly innovate, release your inner George Carlin.”
Warren Berger Tells How to Ask a ‘Beautiful Question’ || Interview on Daily Beast
“A fair amount of the book is focused on the need to ask deeper, better questions in business—which really resonated with me…. But Berger also writes about how questioning can help us solve problems and work through difficult challenges in our daily lives. In today’s fast-paced world, a lot of us are rushing around and doing things without taking the time to ask the critical Why and What If questions that can guide us in better directions.”
How to Cultivate the Art of Asking Good Questions || The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy blog
“Everyone knows about the mobile messaging app that sold for $19 billion. But have you heard about another amazing app—the one that helps you figure out what to do whenever you’re faced with a problem or a challenge?”
Warren Berger: How Asking Questions Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur || interview with Dan Schawbel
“Berger talks about how questioning can lead to new innovations, what the process of questioning is, why they fear the challenge of trying to get to the hard answers and shares his best advice to you.”
The Brilliance of Asking Incredibly Naive Questions || profile
“Most workplace conversations discourage real dialogue — the kind you get when people feel free to challenge plans, ideas, even one another.
Warren Berger – A More Beautiful Question  || Sam McNerney at 250 Words
“Berger discusses how our innate urge to ask questions atrophies over time, “vuja de,” and some of the books that inspired him to write A More Beautiful Question.”
Warren Berger On Innovation Through Asking ‘A More Beautiful Question’ [Author Interview] ||
“Do you lack creativity? The science behind questioning can get you on track to successfully creating new ideas, solutions, or products.”
What Socrates, a Better Foot, and the DNA of Music Have in Common ||
“Warren Berger wants us all to be more like Socrates. In A More Beautiful Question, Berger writes eloquently about the importance of inquiry in the business world.”

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