Publishers Weekly: “An absorbing treatise that calls for more curiosity”

PublishersWeeklyReviewFull Publishers Weekly review (1/19/14)

Innovation specialist Berger (Glimmer) takes on some big questions in this absorbing treatise that calls for more curiosity in our corporate development and daily lives. Having studied the business realm, Berger found that many companies establish cultures that discourage inquiry, particularly the all-important question: “Why are we doing this particular thing this way?” Since entrenched practices tend to hold sway, Berger claims, people often try to solve problems by answering the wrong questions. His argument is structured, naturally enough, around “questions that can be acted upon and… can lead to tangible results and change.” Chapters examine both the business and personal arenas, from “Why do smart businesspeople screw up?” to “What if you make one small change?” He also explores why companies don’t train people to question and how they might go about it if they decided to try. Quirky sidebars on topics ranging from George Carlin to hard-boiled eggs add to the book’s inquisitive spirit. This potential game-changer will help readers identify where opportunities lie and how to seize them.   
—Publishers Weekly

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About the Author

Journalist and speaker Warren Berger realized that the majority of successful creatives and entrepreneurs he was interviewing over the years were great questioners. His wondering about “How can we all learn to do what they do?” led to this website and the writing of THE BOOK OF BEAUTIFUL QUESTIONS (2018) and A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION (2014). Follow him on Twitter at @GlimmerGuy and subscribe to his blog posts.

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