Why do we want kids to “sit still” in class?

Bored Kids As normal 12-year-olds, the sixth-grade students at Marine Elementary School near Minneapolis tended to squirm, slump, kick, and fidget in their seats—they had an abundance of energy, and controlling it required them to focus so much on sitting still they had trouble focusing on their schoolwork. Their teacher Abby Brown wondered: What if they didn’t have to sit still? Brown learned from the latest research at the Mayo Clinic about “activity-permissive education,” which advocates letting kids move as they learn. Brown then helped design a new kind of school desk with a raised seat that puts the user in a semi-standing position and allows more freedom of movement. With the new desks, her students’ school work immediately improved—and Brown’s creation is being looked at as a model for other classrooms.

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Journalist and speaker Warren Berger realized that the majority of successful creatives and entrepreneurs he was interviewing over the years were great questioners. His wondering about “How can we all learn to do what they do?” led to this website and the writing of THE BOOK OF BEAUTIFUL QUESTIONS (2018) and A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION (2014). Follow him on Twitter at @GlimmerGuy and subscribe to his blog posts.

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  1. Warren Berger
    Twitter: GlimmerGuy

    On a related topic, I just noticed this interesting desk, mentioned in Fast Company: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3050523/world-changing-ideas/a-standing-desk-for-kids-to-help-change-sitting-culture-theres-an-adult


  2. Abhilasha says:

    I always want to help my children to come out with their questions, so that they become bold and raise the habit of answering. The PPT is very nice and perfectly defined.


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