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Help students discover the art of asking bigger, more beautiful questions

Why does engagement plummet as learners advance in school? Why does the stream of questions from curious toddlers slow to a trickle as they become teenagers? Most importantly, what can teachers and schools do to reverse this trend?

Beautiful Questions in the Classroom: Transforming Classrooms Into Cultures of Curiosity and Inquiry (Corwin Press) has the answers. This inspirational book from Warren Berger and Elise Foster will help educators transform their classrooms into cultures of curiosity. The book explores the importance of questioning and how inquiry leads to learning, innovation, and personal growth.

Readers will find:

  • Strategies to inspire bigger, more beautiful student questions
  • Techniques to help educators ask more beautiful questions
  • Real-world examples, case studies, practical ideas, and question stems
  • Videos showing strategies at work

Great teachers help students to ask bigger, more beautiful questions. This book will prepare and inspire educators to develop a powerful teaching approach that creates a classroom full of student-driven inquiry.

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