Beautiful Question Labs

1–2 day customized workshops


Building skills in the art and science of better questioning


Based on Warren Berger’s groundbreaking research (as featured in Fast Company and Harvard Business Review)

Beautiful Question Labs Overview


For individuals and groups that may be limiting potential for innovation because of habitual thinking and ‘status quo’ approaches


Immersive skill-building programs designed to introduce and assist the guided practice of “breakthrough” questioning


Whenever a group is at an inflection point and is prepared to invest the energy to dive deep into questioning as a tool kit for transformation



All sessions and workshops are based on the groundbreaking research on effective questioning from the international best-selling book A More Beautiful Question (Bloomsbury, 2014) and the forthcoming The Book of Beautiful Questions.


Sessions and workshops are designed and facilitated with practice modules customized to your needs and based on tactics refined at the renowned Deloitte Greenhouse Leadership Center for Client Innovation.


We take you out of the ordinary work setting and into a consciously-designed ‘pop-up’ question lab, which can be staged at a facility of your choosing.

Labs Designed in Four Acts


Understanding What’s at Stake

  • Using inquiry to clarify, understand, and rethink current challenges

  • Digging deep into needs of stakeholders

  • Unearthing the problem beneath the problem

  • Applying critical thinking

  • Addressing cognitive bias

  • Framing bigger questions to be explored


Questions to Unlock Imagination and Generate Ideas

  • Using questions and design-thinking tools to expand the limits of the possible

  • Learning to tackle challenges through ‘question storming’

  • Tightening questions with answers and data in mind

  • Understanding barriers and ‘superpowers’ on the road to ‘what ifs’

  • Mapping paths to ‘choice-ready’ answers


Refining the Question as Action Tool

  • Designing questions for ‘action-ability’

  • Applying prototyping to drive ideas toward real-world solutions

  • Using questions to detect risk

  • Identifying habitual traps to action

  • Establishing owners, deadlines, and metrics


Questions as Part of Your Organization’s Culture

  • Developing mission questions

  • Isolating the vaults where old answers are kept

  • Customizing the 5 questions that all business leaders should ask within the organization

  • Generating plans to plant more beautiful questions across your organization

  • Developing an honest transformation path


Issues You May Be
Struggling With


You’re drowning in data.

Which questions can best shape our decision making?


Your ideas may be getting stale.

How do we use questions to open up new pathways?


You want to unite the team behind your big, bold vision.

What questions will help us to align?


The world is full of potential.

What questions will unlock our strengths?

Beautiful Question Labs

generally focus
on one of
eight themes


Your bottom line depends on people.

Which questions will improve collaboration?


You need to be better, faster, leaner.

How can we question the sticking points?


Great news. You’ve made it to the top.

Which questions will drive the next leap forward?


The world isn’t getting any simpler.

Which questions will clarify the complexity?

Who We Are

Warren Berger

Innovation expert WARREN BERGER’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wired, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company. He is the author of six books on design thinking, creativity, innovation, and questioning, including the international bestseller A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. Warren has studied the world’s leading innovators, design thinkers, and red-hot start-ups to analyze how they ask game-changing questions, solve problems, and create new possibilities. At various innovation summits Warren has been a featured speaker, and has run leadership workshops at Boeing, Citibank, Pfizer, Mass Mutual, Mars Corp., Pitney Bowes, Oracle, Chanel, Campbell Soup, PepsiCo, and NASA.

Don Derosby head shot

DON DEROSBY is an executive trainer with 20 years experience at the Monitor Group and within Deloitte Consulting’s fabled Greenhouse Leadership Center for Client Innovation, an accelerator and learning laboratory for developing breakthrough ideas. He works with leaders to design and facilitate customized training sessions that frame problems more clearly, using questioning as a springboard. His training programs drive practical transformation, alignment, and resilience. Don has worked with The World Bank, Cisco Systems, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Moving Forward

  1. You see the potential and are curious to know more…

  2. You contact us at

  3. We discuss your needs and talk about a path forward.

  4. We agree to begin designing a customized Beautiful Question Lab for your organization.