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Tackling big questions with a big megaphone

Dave Baldwin, one of the members of the terrific AMBQ collaborative team, pointed out to me that on a recent episode of The Charlie Rose Show, Morgan Freeman talked about his “Through the Wormhole” TV series which has been tackling big questions like, “Can we live forever?” and “What makes us who we are?”

At one point in the interview, Freeman said, “I have a passion to know things and to question.” This prompted Charlie Rose to talk about his own lifelong passion for questioning.
The full interview is available here:

Freeman’s Wormhole series has been broadcast on Discovery’s Science channel whose slogan is, I happily note, “Question Everything.”

Have you heard any other famous people asking beautiful questions?

I’d love to hear from any readers out there about famous people you know of who have expressed a strong interest in Questioning. (The actor Alan Alda, for example, is particularly fascinated by science questions, such as “What is a flame?”).

Let me know of anyone you hear about who belongs on this list of “Master Questioners.” In the course of my research in weeks/months ahead, I’ll try to contact and interview some of these well-known people—and if I’m successful, I’ll post excerpts of interviews here on the blog.

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  1. Brain Stem McGovern says:

    What year did discovery science channel create the slogan “Question Everything” ?


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