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8 Questioning Superpowers poster from BEAUTIFUL QUESTIONS IN THE CLASSROOM

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We’re glad you want to share the “8 Superpowers of Questioning” color poster with your students.

This downloadable poster is designed to remind you and your students why to get into the habit of asking questions daily. You can read in fuller detail in Chapter 4: Create a Culture of Inquiry in the Classroom (from pages 69–77) how these 8 superpowers are fun and transformative to explore—for both you and your students.

See the download links below. But first: A little video about how questioning can change the world (click the icon in the video controls to watch in 1090 HD):


Download an 8.5 x 11-inch pdf which can be printed on a regular inkjet printer
8 Questioning Superpowers 8.5×11 in

Download a 11 x 17-inch pdf which can be printed on tabloid-sized paper
8 Questioning Superpowers 11×17 in

Want a bigger poster to hang on your wall?

A larger-scale poster can be ordered from The art is created for their “medium” size poster, 24 x 36 inches, but you can order other size posters on Zazzle as well.

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