What Can We Learn from “Master Questioners”?

In my research for the book A More Beautiful Question, I interviewed more than a hundred innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creative thinkers—all of whom tend to use questioning as a central part of their work. I also drew from the writing and research of well-known questioners who are no longer alive, but whose influence lives on.

So what can we learn from these “Master Questioners,” past and present?  A lot. They provide great insights and examples on how to tackle challenges by asking great questions. And they remind us that the smartest, most successful people are not the ones who think they have all the answers. Some of my articles, profiles and interviews with these “Master Questioners” can be seen in my Master Questioners post list and in the Beautiful Questions gallery.

Check out this 2021 Fast Company article I wrote about the beautiful questions that launched or propelled the tech ventures Twitter, Flickr, Spotify, Bumble, and others.