What’s in the Book?

How about more than 300 questions, four dozen “question moment” boxes, and hundreds of quotes and anecdotes from business leaders, educators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative artists—all on how questioning is a foundational element of their success and happiness.

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Introduction: Why Questioning?

Chapter 1: The Power of Inquiry

If they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they make a decent foot � What can a question do � What business are we in now—and is there still a job for me � Are questions becoming more valuable than answers � Is ‘knowing’ obsolete � Why does everything begin with Why � How do we get from asking to action �

Chapter 2:  Why We Stop Questioning

Why do kids ask so many questions? (And how do we really feel about that) � Why does questioning fall off a cliff � Can a school be built on questions � Who is entitled to ask questions in class � If we’re born to inquire, then why must it be taught � Can we teach ourselves to question �

Chapter 3: The Why, What If, and How of Innovative Questioning

WHY do we have to wait for the picture � WHY does stepping back help us move forward � WHY did George Carlin see things the rest of us missed � WHY should you be stranded without a bed if I’ve got an extra air mattress � WHY must we ‘Question the Question’ �

WHAT IF we could map the DNA of music � WHAT IF your brain is a forest, thick with trees? (And what if the branches touch?) � WHAT IF you sleep with a question? (Will you awake with an answer?) � WHAT IF your ideas are wrong and your socks don’t match �

HOW can we give form to our questions � HOW do you build a tower that doesn’t collapse (even after you put the marshmallow on top) � HOW can you learn to love a broken foot � HOW might we create a symphony together �

Chapter 4:  Questioning in Business

Why do smart business people screw up � Why are we in business? (And by the way—what business are we really in) � What if our company didn’t exist � What if we could become a cause and not just a company � How can we make a better experiment � If we brainstorm in questions, will lightning strike � Will anyone follow a leader who embraces uncertainty � Should mission statements be mission questions �  How might we create a culture of inquiry �

Chapter 5: Questioning for Life

Why should we ‘live the questions’ � Why are you climbing the mountain � Why are you evading inquiry �  Why are you ‘leaning in’ when you should be stepping back � What if we start with what we already have � What if you made one small change � What if you could not fail � How might we pry off the lid and stir the paint � How will you find your Beautiful Question �

Questioning Index and End Notes


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