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Ten years ago, I published the book A More Beautiful Question as an in-depth exploration of why and how questioning is such a powerful force in our lives.

The book told stories of amazing breakthroughs that began with a simple—yet beautiful—question. It introduced readers to “master questioners” who use the power of inquiry to create, innovate, and influence. And it showed how all of us can learn to use questioning as a tool to bring about change and transformation in our work, our lives, and in the world around us.

The book launched in 2014 without a lot of fanfare, but gradually, and primarily through word of mouth, became an international bestseller, now published in seven languages around the world. A More Beautiful Question has been embraced by:

  • the NASA space program and the U.S. Army (which has used the book to train commanding officers)…
  • innovation-hungry companies, such as Starbucks, Disney, Pfizer, Microsoft, and many others…
  • educators around the world, inspired by the book’s ideas on how to encourage more curiosity and inquiry in young people…
  • and hundreds of thousands of other readers from all walks of life, many of whom have written to me over the years to tell me that the book had a profound effect on their thinking and their lives.

As the 10th anniversary approached, I asked myself: How might I inject fresh momentum into this book? And how might I expand upon my efforts to reach the many, many curious questioners out there who would undoubtedly be interested in this book if only they knew of its existence?

The answer to those questions is now at hand: The new, expanded 10th anniversary edition of AMBQ.

It takes all the best parts of the original book and adds several new chapters that address the challenges and issues of the 2020s, including:

  • the need to question and rethink life after a pandemic
  • the rise of AI, which demands that we become more adept at questioning
  • the current crisis in critical thinking, which stems from a widespread failure to ask the right questions at the right time and in the right way
  • the increasing polarization in today’s world, which makes it imperative that we endeavor to understand each other through curious, respectful questioning

The many updates to the book notwithstanding, its central message has not changed: Questioning can be a powerful force in our lives, one that can spark learning, innovation, change, and growth. To get to the breakthroughs and answers we’re all seeking, we must start by asking thoughtful, imaginative, “beautiful” questions.

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“Always the beautiful answer / who asks a more beautiful question.”

—e.e. cummings
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