Are You Already a Beautiful Questioner?

Would you like to find out? Take the Inquiry Quotient quiz.


Wondering whether you’re a natural Beautiful Questioner or not? I’ve devised an “Inquiry Quotient” quiz you can take to see how you measure up as a questioner.

Of course, this is a highly subjective test, based on the traits I’ve observed in studying people who are known to be great questioners. It turns out a number of qualities and tendencies set these people apart.

Answer these 10 quick questions and then see how you did at the end.

NOTE: This quiz is just for fun. We are not tracking users or storing results.

Welcome to the Inquiry Quotient (I.Q.) Quiz

I believe that Google, ChatGPT, and other online resources now give us all the tools we need to answer even the most difficult questions.
I think the secret to answering a difficult question or challenge is to put all your concentration and focus on it—until you think of an answer.
I believe that it’s OK to question the way something is being done even if I’m not prepared to offer an alternative idea.
When tackling a difficult question, I tend to trust my gut instinct—because the first idea or reaction I have is often the best.
How do you feel about the following statement: “It’s important to do your research first, so you can avoid asking naïve questions.”
I try to craft my questions so that they sound intelligent and demonstrate that I have some knowledge about the subject at hand.
If I want to come up with the most beautiful, powerful questions in any given field, I should always turn to the experts in that field and find out what they would ask.
We should all follow the well-known axiom favored by trial lawyers: “Never ask a question unless you already know the answer.”
How do you feel about the following statement: “If you are willing to be skeptical and ‘question everything,’ that makes you a critical thinker.”
I know I’ve mastered a subject when I no longer have questions about it.
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